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Working with Casein Painting

You may find it easier to complete a casein painting in the studio if you work from penciled color notations.

Write your color notes over the various areas of your on-the-spot sketch as shown below.

Working with Casein 1

Study your notations back in the studio. Then, as the various colors are mixed, apply them directly over the noted areas.

By painting opaquely, you can gradually cover the penciled notes with the results illustrated below.

working with casein 2

Below is shown the outdoor sketch, made with block India ink applied with a brush.

Working with Casein 3

The ink dries rapidly, allowing you to work with casein paint directly over the inked base.

The black undertone serves to establish an arrangement of the light and dark areas. Interesting color effects are achieved by applying the casein thinly in some areas and more opaquely in others.

Working with Casein 4

Rokeby Venus, by Velazquez


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