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Still Life Water Color Study Demonstration

A still life water color study requires a more di­rect handling of the color than painting one with oil.

Preliminary washes of color can be applied, but subse­quent washes should be made in a direct, crisp manner.

Any fumbling will give the painting a muddy or over­worked look.

Always mix more color than you think you will use. This will insure more freedom when handling color washes.

The first stage in our still life water color study demonstration consists of making a pencil drawing indicating the highlights of the still life scene you're about to paint.

Still Life Water Color Study

The amount of detail required in the preliminary compositional sketch will depend on the complexity of the still life object to be painted.

Still Life Compositional Notes

Next you apply washed water colors with the approximate colors you'll be using.

watercolor demonstration

In the final stage of this still study, we use Cadmium Yellow Light for the bananas and grapefruit, and also for the background curtain.

Then we add a bit of Cadmium Red Light to the yellow for the oranges.

We use the same combination, plus Alizarin Crimson and a bit of Thalo Green, for the apples.

The grapes are Cobalt Blue with a bit of Alizarin Crimson, and the shadow areas of the tablecloth are a lighter mixture of the same colors.

The jug is Yellow Ochre and Burn Sienna, and the background is a mixture of the same colors plus Thalo Green.

Still Life Watercolor

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Rokeby Venus, by Velazquez


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