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More Picture Framing Tips

More Picture Framing Tips

Here are a few more picture framing tips to make it easier for you to frame your drawings and paintings:

  • Rubber or cork tips placed in the lower corners of the back of a frame will keep the picture from tilting and will also prevent the wall from becoming streaked.
  • If you keep your paintings a standard size, you can use inexpensive stock frames. You can get these in many designs. This way, you'll be able to try several types of frames for the same painting.
  • A small piece of cellulose tape placed on the wall before the supporting nail or hook is driven in will prevent the plaster from chipping.
  • Keep several mats of various colors on hand. It is surprising how a warm gray mat will enhance the appearance of a certain water color in contrast to the usual white. Even a slightly off-white tone may be a vast improvement over a dead-white mat.
  • You can put button backs on water-color frames to eliminate nails. The big advantage, however, is that the pictures can be changed easily.
  • Dip your glass cutter into some turpentine before cutting a piece of glass for a frame; it will cut much easier.
  • To keep your picture flat against the wall, place the picture rings as near the top of the frame as possible. When it is necessary to have the picture tilt forward, to eliminate reflections, for instance, place the rings lower.

Rokeby Venus, by Velazquez


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