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Painting Jigsaw Puzzle Art Gallery


I've included this painting jigsaw puzzle art gallery as project to celebrate the first anniversary of Learn-to-Draw-and-Paint.com.

When learning to draw and paint, you should also familiarise yourself with the works of the great masters for 2 reasons.

First, whilst you can be an artist in your own right without ever knowing anything about famous painters, you would do yourself a diservice in actively avoiding to learn about them, as you would miss out on learning about the masters' great techniques they applied to their paintings.

Second, you would miss out on the historical and cultural backgrounds that contributed to the painting of many famous master pieces. You see, to me, learning to draw and paint is the beginning of a journey of discovery of art.

Anyhow... I thought one way of getting to know paintings by different artist would be by creating jigsaw puzzles which you can download from this site.

These painting jigsaw puzzles come in the form of exe files, but let me assure you: The are free from viruses, malicious coding and spyware. They are clean. I compiled them myself.

I will be adding more and more puzzles as time passes by. And, no doubt, I will also have to rearrange them in some order when the number of puzzles grows.

I invite you to download them, solve them, and even share them if you can and want.

They are my gift to you, but you are not allowed to sell them, either individually, or in compilations. And you cannot "bundle" them with other products without my express (written) authorisation.


My First 3 Painting Jigsaw Puzzles

I hope you enjoy downloading them and solve them.

Pass the word around. And if you have any suggestions or requests for specific master pieces you'd like to see in a puzzle, let me know: tell me your idea for a painting jigsaw puzzle.

By the way, I'm working on puzzles that you can play with online (without having to download them), but you'll have to wait till I put it together. It's likely that this will not happen this year, but we'll see.










Rokeby Venus, by Velazquez

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