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You should build up your own painting and drawing books reference library.

Painting and drawing is not something that you completely learn during a weekend course. As you build up your artistic skills, you will find out that there is so much to learn: from the fundamental skills needed to draw a simple line, to more advanced (and fun) topics such as drawing cartoons, figure drawing, pencil drawing, and Manga drawing.

There is simply just so much to learn!

Click on each book image, and you will be taken to a full description of the book you click on.

The first section shows books on how to draw, and related topics.

The second section shows books on how to paint.

Recommended Books About Drawing

New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Workbook
Keys to Drawing: Bert Dodson's Successful Method of Teaching Anyone Who Can Hold a Pencil How
You Can Draw Anything
Dynamic Figure Drawing
How to Draw Manga
Complete Idiot's Guide to Drawing Manga, Illustrated
Kids Draw Manga
How to Draw Manga Getting Started Boxed Set
Perspective Drawing Handbook
Draw 3-D: A Step-By-Step Guide to Perspective Drawing
Great Drawings of Nudes: 45 Works
A Foundation Course in Drawing
Figure Drawing Without a Model
Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing: Meditation in Action
Starting to Draw

These are only a few painting books I recommend. You'll notice I've included one on digital painting. Not the same as conventional painting? Well, yes and no! Painting on canvas combines the skills of color, form and texture. Digital painting mimics these skills.

However, digital painting is an art in intself and, depending on the graphic application you use, you'll be able to create master pieces that can be shown simultaneously around the world throught the internet. You can create your own private/public digital gallery!

I have also included a couple of books about one of my pet learning areas: air brushing! That is another area of drawing and painting all together, and one that is very popular in America... and quickly becoming very popular in Australia!

Recommended Painting Books

Painting Basics
Painting Techniques
Acrylic School: A Practical Guide to Painting with Acrylic
Oil Painting Techniques
Paint Watercolours That Dance with Light: Step-by-step Techniques for Crisp Colours and Glowing Highlights
How to Make a Watercolour Paint Itself: Experimental Techniques for Achieving Realistic Effects
Painting the Landscape in Pastel
Alwyn Crawshaw's Watercolour Painting Course
Digital Fantasy Painting Workshop
Pastels (Collins Learn to Paint S.)
The Ultimate Guide to Painting from Photographs: 40 Step-by-Step Projects
Capturing Color : Vol 8 (Paint Along with Jerry Yarnell)
Airbrush Painting
Learning to Paint in: Airbrush
Painting Beautiful Skin Tones with Color & Light: In Oil, Pastel and Watercolor
Painting with Your Artist's Brain: Learn to Paint What You See - Not What You Think You See


More painting and drawing books.

Rokeby Venus, by Velazquez


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