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Get a Box and a Palette for Your Oil Paint

Oil Painting Colors

You will need a box to store your oil paint, brushes, palette, and panels when you go sketching.

The most popular sizes for paint boxes are 12x16 and 16 x 20 inches.

The box lid should be grooved to hold canvas panels of the same size.

A box in either of these sizes will serve both for the studio and outdoors.

Paint boxes are available in wood and metal.

Metal ones are more expensive but will last a lifetime, and wooden ones already painted or stained cost more than unpainted ones.

If you buy an unfinished box, give it a complete coat of good varnish, both inside and out. It is easier to wipe off any unwanted paint on a varnished surface, and the varnish will also help to preserve the wood.

For any wooden box, check the hardware, making certain that the hinges and clasps are substantial, and check the lid to be sure it will hold the panels comfortably.

Inexpensive boxes occasionally warp, making it difficult to slide the panels in the slots of the lid.

You can buy a paint box completely outfitted with tubes of color.

If the assortment happens to be made up of the colors you want, that is fine, but some dealers stock their boxes with colors that are seldom used.

If this should be the case, by all means purchase the empty box and select only the colors you want to use, rather than confuse your palette with unnecessary colors.

A wooden palette fitted to the paint box is generally supplied. Give it a coating of linseed oil before using it.

Remove the surplus paint from your palette at the end of each day's work, then rub it well with a paint rag, using linseed oil occasionally.

In time your palette will acquire a beautiful protective sheen and will give you an excellent surface for mixing colors.

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