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More Oil Painting Palette Tips and Tricks

Oil Painting Palette

These are more oil painting palette tips you can implement whilst handling oil paints.

The purpose of arranging the colors on your palette in a systematic way is to save you time.

There should be no fumbling around your palette to find a color, for all your attention should be concentrated on painting the subject before you.

If the colors are always kept in the same order on your oil painting palette, your brush will instintively go to the desired color.

There are several ways of setting up an oil painting palette.

The colors can be arranged from warm to cool or vice-versa.

They can be placed just along the far edge of the palette or form an inverted "L" by also being placed along the left edge.

The oil cups - on for the painting medium, the other for turpentine - can be fastened to the right side by themselves, so that they are quickly accessible.

Do not skimp on the color on the palette leads to thin painting.

If you paint on consecutive days, most of the paint will remain workable. If any color starts drying out, scrap it off with the palette knife and replace it with fresh color.

Unused color can be placed ina dish and covered with water, which will keep it fresh for several days.

When you are ready to re-use it, pour the water from the dish and transfer the paint back to the palette with a knife.

Anby layer of skin that may have formed can easily be removed and the paint will be workable again.

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