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How to Draw Perspective

Learning how to draw perspective is an easy and important skill to develop, because it gives your drawings three-dimensional appearance. In other words, perspective brings your drawings to life by giving them a sense of depth .

The first thing to remember is that objects of the same size look smaller the further away they are from you.

To illustrate this, I've included the following 3 pictures:

perspective picture 1

First, notice how the trees look smaller and smaller the farther away they are from the viewer.

Next, notice how the horizon line eventually meets with the farthest tree. That is the vanishing point.

Finally, notice how the spaces between the trees also seem to get smaller and smaller.

The first secret of drawing perspective, therefore, is to become aware of space, spacing, and apparent relative size of the objects in relation to the viewer's horizon.

Once you get used to using the above techniques, you're drawings will be one more step further towards your artistic goals.

Now... go out there and draw something!

Rokeby Venus, by Velazquez


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