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How to Draw Hands and Arms: Basic Techniques

Learning how to draw hands is, for many one of the hardest things to learn when learning to draw people.

This is especially so when you draw in a representational manner, i.e. the way kids learn to draw: by representing an object, rather than drawing what they actually see.

Drawing hands is next in importance to drawing human faces, as hands are also full of expresion.

To draw hands - at their most basic level, you only need to start with directional lines to ensure the correct placement of fingers.

how to draw hands fig 1 how to draw hands fig 3

Use the blocking method to get define the planes or surfaces. This method also emphasizes the points where the lines change their direction:
how to draw hands fig 2

You can also draw children hands using the same method.
how to draw hands fig 4

Hands and Their Construction, by Victor Perard

But to draw a hand correctly, you -the artist - need to have a knowledge of its internal structure, of the bones that make up its framework and define its proportions, of the muscles that direct its actions.

You can get an anatomy book like Grey's Anatomy to learn that aspect of the human hands.

However, it is better if you can get a book that shows you their anatomy from the artist's point of view.

Perard wrote a book called "Hands and Their Construction", which contains instructions on how to draw hands (in an anatomically correct manner).

The book is divided into 10 chapters:

  • Anatomy of the Hand and Compendium
  • Method of Drawing Hands
  • Women's Hands in Business and Social Activities
  • Hands as Aids to the Fashion Artist
  • Men's Hands - Business Men and Executives
  • Hands in the Professions
  • Hands in the Trades
  • Hands of Elderly People
  • Babies' and Children Hands
  • Hands in Games and Sports

The book is available in PDF format (downloadable/electronic format), and you can purchase it in this site for just $9.95 by clicking here.

Of course, your purchase is covered by my iron-clad "no questions" full refund policy:

Jeff's Iron Clad No Questions Full Refund Guarantee

If for whatever reason you do not like Victor Perard's Hands and Their Construction, just request a full refund by email, and I will send you a refund within 48 hours.

Get your copy now!

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