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Female Figure Drawing

Female figure drawing: Click on the play button in the video below to watch an artist drawing a woman, astarting from a few lines forming a skeleton, to a fully dressed subject.

I'm sorry about the music. :-)

A Few Notes on Drawing the Female Figure

Expressing the action of a figure usually depends on the longest line.

Learn to select that, then add the other lines for completion.
Female Figure Drawing Fig 1

Every artist has to start his/her picture with a few essential lines which are ofent the most important ones.

The rest of the work falls into place in relation to the first lines you've drawn.
Female Figure Drawing Fig  2

You should study and get an appreciation of line before attempting any shading.

If the outline is poor, the shading will be of little help.

Practicing "picture writing" with a pen develops a sense of rhythm.
Female Figure Drawing Fig  3

Practicing "picture writing" with a pen develops a sense of rhythm.

The pen is a difficult medium of expression, but repays well the effort expended to master it.

Practicing these figures with a flowing pen line gives control and coordination of hand and mind.
Female Figure Drawing Fig  4

Reclining figures afford an opportunity for the study of foreshortening, which is a difficult problem for students. Female Figure Drawing Fig 5

In these sketches the outline should be indicated lightly. Then the proportions established, and finally gone over with decision and the shadows drawn with broad strokes from the worn-down side of the pencil.
Female Figure Drawing Fig 6

A lying down pose calls for grace of line, but one of the difficulties is to judge proportions, especially the size of the head.

Do not devote too much time to this till after the rest of the female figure drawing is completed.

To test your accuracy, turn the paper around to check up.
Female Figure Drawing Fig 7

Drawing the same figure in varied poses and from different angles gets you well grounded in life studies.

The above drawings made from nature will prove useful to copy for simplicity of line and technique.

Life studies from nature are not always possible. Therefore, it is still advisable to study the human form through copies in order to gain as much knowledge as possible.
Female Figure Drawing Fig 8

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