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An Introduction to Drawing and Sketching

Drawing is similar to writing in that it's necessary for a student to master it to convey his/her ideas.

You must learn to draw if you want to express yourself artistically. There is a lot to learn, but if you approach it from the "fun" side, it won't be tedious.

A student who draws well is free to concentrate on the problem of paint and color.

Not knowing how to draw can be a constant stumbling block at every stage of painting.

There are artists who have gotten away with mediocrity in their skills, and who are able to hide their lack of drafting abilities with beautiful colour.

However, not many of us are naturally gifted with such an eye for color!

The good thing is that you don't have to sit in front of a naked model to learn how to draw (unless, of course, you want to do that!).

Rather, I think that a better way of learning to draw is by constantly sketching and observing your surroundings .

I believe you can master enough of the skills of drawing by constantly sketching to help you in learning how to paint.

If you want to learn to draw, then, your motto should be "Sketch at All Times" and learn to draw with basic forms.

You can sketch things around you: kitchen utensils, furniture, the view from a window, people at work and at play, pets, etc.

Vary your sketching, working sometimes in outline, stressing the contour aspect of drawing. At other times concentrate on light and shade. The main thing for your is to keep drawing. And you should also learn a bit about perspective. There are 2 secrets on how to draw perspective that you can learn to start mastering that very important area in the art (and science) of drawing.

I have included a small article entitled "A painter's approach to sketching", where I discuss how painters look at nature or other subjects, and how they translate what they see onto their canvases or other drawing surfaces.

And if you want to learn to draw people, this brief introduction to figure drawing, will give you a good start. I do hope you enjoy the process of learning how to draw and how to sketch.

Rokeby Venus, by Velazquez


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