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Art Related Links (My Arty Nano-Directory)

This is a nano-directory of art related links to visual arts websites that have caught my attention for one or another reason.

I hope one day it'll transcend the "nano" size, and become at least a "mini" directory of my favourite sites.

Whether it is because I like the art displayed in some of them, or because of the tips they offer about drawing or painting, or even if there is a product out there worth considering... I include it here... for your reference... and, um, mine too. ;-)

Remember: Each link opens a new window.

Art Related Links (My Arty Nano Directory)This is an ongoing project. I've been meaning to do this for a long time, but life has gotten in the way, you know?

Well, now is the right time for me, and I have started it now.

Let's make it grow!

... Which reminds me: Do you have an art related site you want me to include?

If you do, send your recommendation using this form (a new window will open).

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Art Related Links by Category

Remember: Each link opens a new window.

Arty Websites

Do you feel like sketching something quickly and sharing it online? Well, may be just the site you want to go to! This site allows you to draw online. If you're good and keen, you may draw with your mouse. However, drawing with a mouse is like drawing with a brick. I rather draw with my digital pen and my drawing tablet any day of the week! Not only you get the chance to draw into the site, but you also get other people sharing their drawing immediately after you submit your drawing. It's like having a drawing duel!

Boris Vallejo and Julie BellBoris Vallejo and Julie Bell: If there is a painter I would love to be like is Boris Vallejo. He specialises in fantasy-erotic art. His art is stoning and breath-taking. His wife, Julie Bell, is also an accomplished painter in her own right. She used to be a body builder and served as a model for Boris female paintings. Nice bod! I simply love their work! Browse around their site and admire their paintings and work in progress. Their originals, though, are not cheap.

Fantastic FractalsFantastic Fractals: Fractal art is the art of infinity, drawn and painted with the language of the Universe: Maths! Yes, a fractal painting is the result of numbers and equations, but it is still classed as Art. Check out amazing patterns that repeat themselves to infitinity.

Landscape PaintingsLandscapePainting Lists: This site offers advice on brushes and paints you need to paint in oil. They also have a nice range of landscape oil paintings for sale.

1st Art Gallery1st Art Gallery: If you are into famous painting reproductions, you can find reproductions of famous masterpieces by Dali, Gaugan, Matisse, and even reproductions of contemporary paintings. They're all hand-painted, apparently, using the same techniques the original masters used. Hear the Mona Lisa tell you all about it!

Drawing and Painting Online Bookshops

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Art Tools and Courses

Simply Painting: Frank offers a very good range of instructional videos for sale. He also has a few freebies. Check it out.


The following directories feature sites in many categories, including Visual Arts sites like yours truly. My site is listed at the following directories:

Absolute Directory: Free linking to quality sites

Add This is not strictly speaking an art site, but it lists various drawing and painting sites.

Rokeby Venus, by Velazquez


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